Let’s chill and play at home



Here some new games to try!


Food (airplane)

School objects

Toys (moles)

House furniture 

Parts of the house maze 

Numbers (1-20)

Big numbers too

There is / there are


Qui c’è invece una canzone molto carina, facile, che ci dice che “every little thing is going to be alright” (ogni cosa, anche piccola, andrà a posto).

Buona cantatina:

Three little birds



Some of these games you already know, some are new.

Let’s the fun begin!

For some of these games you have to unblock Adobe Flashplayer (how? leggi qui, in italiano)


Body parts games

Body parts crocodile

Body parts pirate

Food games

Match the words with the picture: number one.

Match the words with the picture: number two.

Drinks memory game.

Fast food memory game.

Food and drinks pirate board game.

Food and drinks crocodile game.

Food catapult game.

Food word search game.

How old are you?

How old are you pirate board game


Match the numbers (1-10)

Match the numbers (11-20)

Rooms and furniture 

Rooms game


Match memory


Another game that is superfun is Little Alchemy, if you play in English you will learn a LOT of new vocabulary!

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